The Kempo Hakku "The eight laws of the fist"

拳 法 八 句

The Kempo Hakku is a treatise on the rules of the fist, it comes from an ancient Chinese manual on the martial arts, the Wu Bei Zhi 備 志 (pronounced Bu Bi Shi in Japanese). This book was called the bible of Karate by Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju Ryu Karate. It is from this that Miyagi took the name of his system of karate, Go Ju Ryu.

拳 法 八 句              The eight laws of the fist

人 心 同 天 地         The mind is one with heaven and earth

 血 䘑 以 日 月        The circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to that of the sun and the moon 

法 剛 柔 吞 吐              The way of inhaling and exhaling is hard and soft.

身 随 時 応 変              Act in accordance with time and change

手 逢 空 則 入             Techniques occur in the absence of conscious thought

碼 進 退 離 逢        The feet advance and retreat, separate and meet

目 要 視 四 向        The eyes must watch all four directions

耳 能 聴 八 方             The ears listen well in all eight directions