Fudo Myo

不動 明王

Fudo Myo ‘the Immovable One’ is patron of the Martial Arts, and as such an image of him, is usually found in most traditional dojo. He is said to bring good luck to the dojo and help protect the students from injury (in much the same way as "patron saints" are believed to do).

Fudo Myo is one of the five ‘Wrathful Kings of Mystic Knowledge’ of Buddhism. He is portrayed holding a sword in his right hand and a coiled rope in his left hand. With this sword of wisdom, Fudo Myo cuts through deluded and ignorant minds and with the rope he binds those who are ruled by their violent passions and emotions. He leads them onto the correct path of self control.

Fudo Myo is also portrayed surrounded by flames, flames which consume the evil and the defilements of this world. He sits on a flat rock which symbolizes the unshakeable peace and bliss which he bestows to the minds and the bodies of his devotees