Ryu Ryu Ko

ルー ルー コウ

Ryu Ryu Ko (1852 - 1930), was a teacher of Fujian White Crane, notable for instructing many of the founders of Okinawan martial arts which later produced Karate. The kata Sanchin, taught in Goju Ryu and most other styles of Karate, was originally taught by Ryu Ryu Ko.

Although Ryu Ryu Ko is mostly known from the accounts of his Okinawan students, he is generally identified as Xie Zhongxiang, born in Changle, Fujian, to a noble family which lost its status in political turmoil of the time. He was one of the first generation masters of Míng He Quan (Whooping Crane Fist), which he either learned from his teacher Pan Yuba (who was a student of Lin Shixian), or created himself, based on a more general White Crane style of his teacher. He had to conceal his name and aristocratic lineage and took on the name Ryu Ryu Ko, under which he worked, making household goods from bamboo and cane. He has been teaching martial arts at his home to a very small group of students, which included Higaonna Kanryo, who stayed with Ryu Ryu Ko from 1867 to 1881