Pictures of Chris Rowen Shihan

The Japan Years

     Chris Rowen Shihan with his teacher Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi


Training in the grounds of the Omiya Hachiman Shrine, Japan - circa 1982

With Yamada Sensei, Yamaguchi Shihan and Iwanami Sensei

The Magazines

East West Centre - Old Street London

With Goshi Yamaguchi Shihan at the East West Centre Dojo

With Steve Rowe Sensei and Geoff Thompson Sensei (5 times world heavyweight karate champion)

The DVD's





The Curtain Road Dojo - The Bunbukan is Born

With one of his Sempai from his days in Japan, Tino Ceberano Kyoshi (back row, centre). Also in this pic is Steve Rowe Sensei (back row 4th from right) and Keith Hazelwood Sensei, Kenseikai (back row 5th from left)

With Patrick McCarthy Kyoshi

The Bunbukan

With Bunbukan Sempai Giancarlo Frau Sensei

With Alkin Rashid Sensei and Giancarlo Frau Sensei

With Jim McEvoy Sensei

With Danny Sanhye Sensei and Raouf Vallymamode Sensei

With Fergus Lynch Sensei

Performing Tensho by the Indian Ocean

The Bunbukan Honbu Dojo - Winchester

2007 Gasshuku

 2008 Gasshuku

2009 Gasshuku

2010 Gasshuku

2011 Gasshuku

2012 Gasshuku

2013 Gasshuku

2014 Gasshuku

2015 Gasshuku

2016 Gasshuku

2017 Gasshuku