Videos of Chris Rowen Shihan

守 朗縁 師範 のビデオ

Chris Rowen Shihan talks to Summersdale Publishers about his training:

World Of Martial Arts interviews:

Chris Rowen Shihan talks to Steve Rowe Sensei about his time in Japan:

Chris Rowen Shihan - Goju Ryu Part 1 - Japan and Back:

Chris Rowen Shihan talks  about his life learning Karate. He reveals how he began martial arts and how he became a student of the renowned Gogen Yamaguchi and what it was like training for 3 years in Japan in the 70s. What was the mountain training, frozen lake training, and austere training actually like? How did he deal with the language barrier?

Chris Rowen - Goju Ryu - Part 2 - Spiritual Healing

Chris Rowen Shihan talks about learning spiritual healing. He reveals the importance in budo of learning the art of life taking and giving; satsu katsu . Also as a Shinto Priest he reveals how he uses shiatsu, acupuncture and other healing skills to further create harmony?


From "Begining Goju Ryu"


With Alkin Rashid Sensei and Jim McEvoy Sensei