Pictures of Jim McEvoy Sensei

With good friend, teacher and mentor Chris Rowen Shihan

With son Paul on the morning of taking his first black belt grading (December 1990)

Posing with new black belt

With Jiko Ryu Karate founder and Chief Instructor Mick Ellis Sensei

Posing in Iaido gi with Jiko Ryu Karate teachers Carl and Tracy Martin Sensei

From his competitive days

With friend Darran Lamb, nieces Ellen and Louise Gormley and nephew David Gormley

"Working" with Patrick McCarthy Kyoshi at The Bunbukan Dojo in Curtain Road

With son Paul and daughter Maria from his Shotokan days

          Receiving instructors' certificate from Chris Rowen Shihan, with Giancarlo Frau Sensei and             Alkin Rashid Sensei (September 2005)

With Steve Rowe Sensei and Chris Rowen Shihan at Steve Sensei's dojo

With great friend and sparring partner, Goju Ryu Sempai, Founder and Chief Instructor of Urban Krav Maga, Stewart McGill

With fellow Bunbukan Goju Ryu Instructor, Fergus Lynch Sensei

With Wing Chun master, friend and training partner Ah Loong Sifu

In kendo armour

With Kendo Club, Dr Suichi Terashima Sensei is in the white gi; McEvoy Sensei's kendo teacher, Philippe Negri Sensei is second from right in front row

With Bill Parkinson Sensei, Steve Johnson Sensei, Tony Christian Hanshi 8th Dan and Tony Bewley Sensei

Concentrating in Seiunchin Kata

Receiving the Menkyo Kaiden (license of total transmission) from Chris Rowen Shihan (June 2013)

                    With Okinawan Goju Ryu 6th Dans, Tony Bewley Sensei and Andy Moorhouse Sensei                at The East London Goju Karate Club Dojo (September 2013)

With Andy Moorhouse Sensei  and Richard Hang Hong Sensei 3rd Dan JKF Goju Kai
              at The East London Goju Karate Club Dojo (March 2014)

Teaching some of the differenecs between Japanese and Okinawan Goju Ryu
at Tony Bewley Sensei's dojo in Wigan - April 2014